Logo Design

Logos are extremely important. In one image (and usually only text) you have to convey everything the company represents. Financial institutions have very different logos than high-tech companies. Financial institutions use bold, strong and extremely linear text and graphics to connote to their patrons that their trust and money is safe with them.

Often, small businesses do not have the time or the resources to develop a logo in marketing their company. This is why in addition to creating a unique web site, I often design a logo.

Client Selected

The Project Catizone.com sells hand-crafted meditation benches to high-end clients. Develop a web site to market and sell these special benches.

The Idea Peter Catizone's craftsmanship and use of fine hardwoods to construct these meditation benches sets him apart from other manufacturers. Catizone.com allows customers to purchase bench direct from Mr. Catizone himself and not through a wholesaler.

Why This Logo Was Selected It seemed a natural choice to use his signature to distinguish his line from other, less-quality benches. After all, it is his work that defines the brand.

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Seattle, WA


Kopfmann Construction site now into coding phase. Stay tuned for live site!